Arbitration seminars p4 -p3 & R2C Concordia in Montreal October 2, 2016

There will be two seminars for arbitration grades P4 -P3 & R2c October 2 , 2016. The training is organized by the School of Taekwondo in collaboration with Olympic Champions ART Montreal Concordia , the Association Marocaine Canado Promotion Taekwondo. Register to arbitration seminar for P4 -P3 grades : R2c:…/…/SmX5a6Kycbdew73Hk231AE0c Details:…/Seminaire-2-octobre-2016.p…

GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2016 Regional Taekwondo Association of Montreal Concordia

Advisory: The Annual Meeting of the Regional Association of Taekwondo Montreal Concordia will be held Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 18:00 hrs at the following address : Tim Horton, 8055 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montreal , QC H1Z 3C9 MONTREAL TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION Agenda Annual general meeting Thursday 21 July 18H00 1- Opening 2- Checking the convocation 3-Continue Reading

Results of the 2015 Quebec Games

Congratulations to the winners of the National Games in Quebec , Drummondville 2015   34 kg male / Final GOLD : Ahmed Zerouk from l’école des champions olympiques 42 kg male / Final Silver : Olivier Savard from l’école Laurent Deteix 48 kg féminin / Finale  Silver: Emma Macley from l’école Raymond Mourad

Résultats des Jeux Québec 2015

Bravo aux gagnants de la nationale des Jeux du Québec, Drummonville 2015   34 kg masculin / Finale OR : Ahmed Zerouk de l’école des champions olympiques 42 kg masculin / Finale Argent : Olivier Savard de l’école Laurent Deteix 48 kg féminin / Finale  Argent : Emma Macley de l’école Raymond Mourad


November 7, was held the Winners Night Montreal . During the evening , the Sports Commission Montreal – Concordia gave 15 awards to more than 50 people to acknowledge the outstanding work of administrators, associations, volunteers, officials, coaches , athletes and builders in the territory of Montreal . Chong Lee Taekwondo of the school ,Continue Reading

Regional tournament regional finals games Quebec Montreal Concordia 2013-2014

Results Fight 1 GOLD Eltaoly  Aya   BLEUE Fight 1 SILVER   Monteanu  Andrea   ROUGE Fight 2 GOLD Zinedoline Bestimani  BLEUE Fight 2 SILVER   Ayoub Gouriny  ROUGE Fight 3 GOLD Yanis Sarni BLUE Fight 3 SILVER   Vincent CGOLDna ST leger  ROUGE Fight 4 GOLD Nafi Darren  BLEUE Fight 4 SILVER   Fadit Safe   ROUGE Fight 5 GOLD Khaled  Bernah  BLEUE Fight 5 SILVER   Samuel Continue Reading